Since 2012, just great Medicinal Chemistry...

…From a synthetic point of view.

MEDSynth is a Medicinal Chemistry research group based at the Department of Drug Science and Technology of the University of Torino (Italy).

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Our mission

MEDsynth's state of the art has its roots on many years of extensive experience in the fields of drug development, more specifically our work consists in:

  • Design of non-classical bioisosteric tools based on heterocyclic systems.
  • Discovery of preclinical drug candidates in oncological/neglected diseases field.
  • Optimisation of synthetic strategies for the production of heterocyclic scaffolds.
Moreover, our group gives much value on young scientists' formation, investing on their advanced training and betting on their future in the scientific research scenario.

NATO awards Unito for a new broad-spectrum antiviral, MEDS433.
Here, professor Marco Lolli's interview that was transmitted by TGR Piemonte

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